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How to invest in Web3 and in 2023 – Beginner’s Guide


How to invest in Web3

Web3 is the next stage of the Internet, and it has emerged as an exciting investment opportunity for anyone looking for growth in the digital space. Investing in Web3 stocks or directly in its technology is a great way to diversify your portfolio and gain a foothold in a rapidly growing sector. After all, the market for Web3 is projected to reach $176 billion worldwide by 2025 – a 700 percent increase from 2020. 

In this post, we will tackle the question of how to invest in Web3 and discuss our best suggestions. 

How to invest in Web3 Token Projects

Cryptos and blockchain tech will appear at the forefront of the Web3 transformation. Since the most challenging part is choosing the suitable Web tokens to acquire, a wise tactic is to diversify across various projects that are likely to influence the next phase of the Internet. Although crypto projects are unstable, they remain critical Web3 players, and several of the top projects have valuations in billions of dollars.

Acquiring and disposing of digital currency and crypto is the most straightforward way to invest in Web3. Developers have a vision of cryptocurrency as the “economic motor” of the future, as it is currently used to purchase NFTs, land, and other items in the Metaverse. 

There are many ways to benefit from token ownership besides simply purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. Crypto staking (choosing not to sell your crypto as a way of strengthening the currency) can come with many benefits, such as receiving a share of the transaction fees and entering competitions with lucrative rewards. For example, when depositing Quint into their staking pool, you will be paid a rate of interest and entered into a raffle to win a Bored Yacht Club NFT – a token from a collection that has been known to make sales of over a million dollars.

Investing in NFTs and Metaverse

NFTs provide countless opportunities in Web3 due to their non-replicable quality. They can be used for a digital wallet, art, gaming, and more. Although they’re reasonably new in the Web3 space, NFTs from collections like the aforementioned Bored Ape Yacht Club has been sold for millions of dollars and show little signs of stopping. 

Furthermore, there’s a chance that NFTs might be used as money in the metaverse, believed by some to be the future of the Internet, which brings us to another excellent form of Web3 investment. Since the metaverse is still in its infancy, this investment requires patience. However, it also means purchasing metaverse equities is still possible. Buying “land” in metaverse projects such as Sandbox or Decentraland allows you to have a potential stake in the future of Web3.

Investing in Web3 stocks

The stock market offers many ways to invest in Web3. However, since you won’t find any ‘pureplay’ Web3 companies on the public exchange, this step requires researching companies involved in Web3.

Investing in companies such as Coinbase can be an obvious choice, considering the business’s involvement in digital currencies and the blockchain revolution. However, you may also consider investing in semiconductor companies, such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) or Nvidia, since the chips they produce run computers and smartphones necessary for Web3 to function and are, therefore, the foundation of their future. 

Other options include investing in companies such as Meta, which try to establish their hold over the future of the metaverse, or in companies heavily involved in the 5G space, such as AT&T or Verizon.

Investing in Managed Portfolios of Web3 stocks

If you’re unsure how to invest in Web3 stocks, it might be worthwhile to consider a managed portfolio. While such offers are still few and far between, more and more options are starting to come up. An example of a managed portfolio of Web3 stocks is the MetaverseLife Smart Portfolio by eToro. 

Focusing on investments in the Metaverse, the importance of which we’ve mentioned above, eToro has composed a selection of stocks and crypto assets to expose you to this technology. In this way, you can diversify your investment, which can prove to be a smart move since the metaverse is still in its early stages.

how to invest in web3
how to invest in web3

How to invest in Web3: Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is another option worth considering when assessing how to invest in Web3. The core concept of this technology is allowing people to access essential financial services without relying on a centralized organization like a bank or lending company.

DeFi Swap exchange is a great example that shows the benefits of investing in this space. Apart from offering decentralized reading services, it also provides staking services with an annual interest rate of 75% on its token, DeFi Coin. Furthermore, DeFi swap will also launch a platform where investors will be able to provide DeFi Swap with liquidity in exchange for a share of collected fees.

When investing in Web3 Stocks, it is crucial to understand the risks and rewards associated with each investment. It is also important to research the projects and companies you are considering investing in to ensure they are legitimate and have a viable business model. Furthermore, make sure to stay in the loop – keep up with the latest news and trends, read articles, subscribe to Web3 newsletters et. Doing your due diligence is essential to making a successful investment in Web3.

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