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Web3 Stocks — About Us


The goal of our website is to list and explain multiple stocks in the Web3 area and thus to inform the users about the investment opportunities in the best possible way.


Web3 is a fairly new but at the same time a big trend that has led to a lot of public conversations among well-known businessmen, people in the crypto community and even stars in industries that had absolutely nothing to do with crypto. It looks like many segments of our economy are going digital, creating new opportunities for the Web3 space that everyone can benefit from.

However, it is quite important to consider some factors and aspects when talking about Web3 startups and the corresponding stocks. This is because not every company or startup offers its own Stocks. Also to be noted is that unfortunately there is also a lot of scam that you should also ignore in order not to lose your investments.

Luckily there are many companies and corporations that are completely legit, involved in Web3 and can be trusted.


What the heck is Web3 and how is it different from Web2?

If we go back to the origin of the Internet, it all started with static websites and Web 1.0, continuing with dynamic apps and Web 2.0, where users could share information with each other and make online postings, for example.

Web3 changes the game completely by introducing decentralization and blockchain, which helps us extremely with privacy and data protection.

However, Web3 apps today are still ‘early-stage’ and not really mass adopted. It is because large corporations are looking at innovation and have just started hiring people with suitable experience in Blockchain, which was not the trend a few years ago.

The big change is that large corporations have their interest in emerging tech and if they don’t play along, they lose out long-term.

However, the increased competition, pressure and mass opinion is forcing companies to react faster and implement the new technologies.

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